Home Cabinet Woodwork 101: Do-It-Yourself Style Tips


Building your own cabinets as a beginner is easy now that but there are hundreds of ways to build your own home cabinets. Building your own cabinet really, really fast, this article will guide you through the steps. If you want to learn more check this link http://handcraftinc.com.

There is a quick and easy way how to build a good sturdy home cabinet http://www.handcraftinc.com/. In less than a couple of hours you can do the whole thing.

It might not be the exact standard in depth, height, or width but it you can build it to fit a very specific space. The measurements shouldn’t be your concern here. What is more important is the technique of building. What you need to do first is to cut out the sides. You got a left side and a right side. Measure it to your own fit and since it is good hard wood both the height and the depth are measure to your own fit. 3 inches deep and 3 inches high should be a toe kick space at the bottom which can be standard measurements if you want it.

The next step is to cut out the wood boards you’re going to use for this project. Break your wood down into a little bit more manageable size pieces as much as you can. Cut the dimension that will be the depth of the cabinet and the width of the wood piece to the cabinet. You can cut one edge, a good clean edge, and then flip it around then cut it a little oversized. You’ll have two good clean parallel edges after cutting it to two exact sizes.

Now that you have one good clean edge established you can now cut this to the exact clean edge against the fence. Save the scraps because you can use it later for spacers and rails. Cutting the length of the board which will be the height of the cabinet doing the same thing you are going to cut it a little long, flip it around, and cut it to exact length. You are going to plan the orientation now that you have both sides of the cabinets laid out. The front side of the cabinet must be marked out well for proper orientation. Use your time here to cut out the toe kick space.

Use a jigsaw to cut the spaces. Use secondary lumber for braces inside the cabinet that are going to establish the width of the cabinet. Use them up essentially being frames around the base of the cabinet after cutting the boards to length. You can do two things at a time since you can cut the rails and styles while doing the assemblies. Put them together as face frame is laid out with the spacers. On the back side of the laid out frame put pocket holes. You are done after putting all screws and nails on each corner of the frames to both sides.

It is easy to do it and fun to make it.

For further reading/watching, please visit  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87R6afvv6tI .


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